more fun stuff

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival wanted to create original and informative introductions to its festival series.  Well Exposed developed the characters of Syrcl and Salmon, and produced a series of short films for the non-profit.

Meeting a stranger can be hard. Meeting a stranger’s dog is much easier. In this short film, created for Airbnb's One Less Stranger campaign, two pet owners share a mutual admiration, and they discover that their animals just might belong together.

In the early days of web series, we created Damien's Other Show for MTV. The show stars Damien Fahey, the former host of TRL. Damien's Other Show was his chance to express his more comedic side, and is a collection of sketches and man on the street bits. Produced with Phear Creative.

Behind an unmarked, vandalized door on a street on the border of Chinatown and the Lower East Side is one of New York’s most unique and under-the-radar restaurants.  This is the (fake) documentary about that restaurant, Underfinger. Created with The Infatuation.

One of the first web videos that Jesse ever made, this piece was commissioned by General Motors, but unsurprisingly, they deemed it too "edgy."  This Thanksgiving tale went viral after Myspace posted on their homepage one year on Turkey Day. Produced by Phear Creative.

Shortly after the crash of 2008, Jesse Hicks and Alessandro Minoli created this political, satirical music video as an installment of their web series with IFC.  Produced with Phear Creative.

A short, satirical cartoon about some casualties of the BP oil disaster. It screened at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, CA. Thanks to Vanessa Appleby for the awesome animation work and to Sean Donnelly and Ale Minoli for the inspiration.

Jesse loves his friends, and sometimes he makes videos to play at their weddings.  This is one for and about Kurt and Sarah Smith. Sarah Smith used to be called Sarah Craft, and is referenced as such in the video, but then she got married to Kurt Smith. Now she's Sarah Smith. Get it?

Mrs. Tasty's Vegetarian Space Station is a hilarious, online cooking show. The series is created by Eric and Casey Dobbins, but Jesse, of Well Exposed, helped produce this episode, and he wrote and sang the opening theme song. Enjoy.